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Thread: Clifford The Dog

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    Clifford the dog gets a credit card - [General]
    Submitted by newctser68 on 2/01/2004 11:49:56 AM
    Artical Taken From:

    Every dog has its day, and Clifford's time came this month, when he got his first credit card in the mail.
    The only problem: Clifford really is a dog.
    The 21/2-year-old pug received a Chase Manhattan Bank Platinum Mastercard with a spending limit of $1,500.
    His owners -- Steve Borba, a telecommunications phone installer, and spouse Diana, a mortgage broker -- were surprised, to say the least, when they opened the mail and found the new credit card under the name Clifford J. Dawg. But Borba, 25, knew what had happened.
    Recently, Borba had ordered parts online for his 2003 Harley-Davidson motorcycle and started receiving tons of junk e-mail. So he set up a free e-mail account under the name, thinking that if he ordered more parts he would provide this e-mail address instead of his personal one. Soon, he began receiving junk e-mail addressed to his dog.
    Three weeks later, he received an e-mail from Chase Manhattan Bank saying that Clifford J. Dawg had been pre-approved for a credit card. Borba responded by saying that Dawg worked at Pupperoni Factory (Cliff's favorite dog treat) and that his mother's name was Pugsy Malone. Borba even added this note, "You are sending an application to a dog! Ha ha ha."
    It appears no one read the entire response, however, as the credit card soon showed up in the mail.
    He called the company the day after receiving the card to cancel it. The person he talked to explained that the name Clifford J. Dawg had been acquired from a list and that the company might want to use the snafu in a commercial. The company representative suggested this as a slogan: "Dogs don't chase us, we chase them," Borba said.
    Clifford is not the only dog to receive a credit card. A dog in the north of England was offered his own credit card with a limit of $24,600 -- and free air miles, according to a news service report.
    That credit card application was addressed to a Shih-Tzu named Monty

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    Heh, lucky dog..


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