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Thread: Memory Leak - 99% Cpu Usage

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    Win XP PRO
    1.4 GHZ Centrino Notebook
    256 MB RAM
    30 GIG HD Free

    I was running Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3, but my CPU Usage would spit up to 99% on KazaaLite.kpp. I upgraded to the latest version, 2.4.4 today, but it still happens. Sometimes it is fine for 5 minutes, then it jumps up, sometimes it jumps up on start of Kazaa Lite.

    I am downloading a lot of movie files around 50 MB each, and not uploading very much (3 UP MAX). Even when I"m not uploading/downloading or searching, the CPU Usage Jumps up. It only uses about 13,000KB of Memory, but the CPU Usage is way too high.

    How can I fix this? I am behind a Netgear Wireless Router.


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    Maybe K-Lite is listing all of your shared files. Take all .dat files from My Shared Folder and leave K-Lite on for several minutes, this should do the trick. If it did work out then move your .dat files back to the My Shared Folder and if the problem comes back you have a corrupted .dat file. Check them by moving them all out of My Shared Folder and puting them back one by one and see what happens. The one causing problems is corrupted. Delete it.

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    check for a corrupt file in shared folder like fox said or it could be a corrulpt db folder

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    well...oddly enough, it's fixed, without doing anything, lol. if it happens again, i'll do what you suggested...thanks!

    just got done watching Super Bowl, waiting for them to release Janet Jackson Boobie Slip and streaker on Kazaa, gotta see it again, lol! The thing with J.J. and Justin Timberlake had to be planned, c'mon!!


    btw, in showing my appreciation for you guys updating these awesome programs, if anyone wants to know where to get started in Dish Network "testing", that is getting all the channels on your satellite receiver, PM me, I'll direct you to some sites that let you accomplish that.


    Thanks again guys!

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