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Thread: Emule Pauses Files Automatically

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    This just started happening with several files. I look in Transfers and i have a paused file, i Resume the download, and within 30 secs its back on pause.

    Its goes on pause all by its self, and i cant stop it. anyone know why?

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    free some space.... it will sometimes do this if your hard drive doesnt have any space to continue it.

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    I had 144MB free, I did a disk cleanup and now I have 2GB free on a 20GB drive

    So far so good, it has not paused yet. Maybe this will rectify the problem. I never thought of doing that because I have other downloads that had no problem downloading. It was only this one download.

    Hopefully this will work. Thanks

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    was the download a large file (more than free space) and that hadnt downloaded at all?... then thats why.

    As soon as a file gets data, the required amount is allocated for it. But since the file is larger than the free space, it pauses it.

    Check your stats, for my emuleplus there is info on what my active downloads will take up and what space i will have left, so i know when to start downloads and when to keep some paused.

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    If I am not mistaken EMule will allocate space for the entire file so if you only had 144mb free and the file was larger it will not start...

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    Yes that was the problem. I deleted some files and cleaned out the recycle bin, and now the problem has ceased


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    If u compress the folder that ur using for ur temp files u can not only free up a bunch of HD space, but can also prevent this prob from popping up again.
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    IMO its not worth it.
    You'll need the space anyhow for the entire file soon. My 2 cents.

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    Originally posted by thisiswhoweare@4 February 2004 - 10:56
    IMO its not worth it.
    You'll need the space anyhow for the entire file soon. My 2 cents.
    True, but I'm always burning to make room for new files.

    Unfortunately, I still only have a 40 gig HD. Once u queue 25 or 30 files to dl, there's not much space left over for sharing unless u compress the temp folder. The only other options for ppl in my position r to either queue only a couple of files (eMule is not designed for this and speeds will suck) or to only share the files that ur dl'ing (not only in eMule but all other apps since u have no space). Neither option appeals to me. B)
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    I like to queue up files till i reach my optimum found sources number and tell emule to run a new download when one finishes. Then as soon as i begin to run out of space (1GB remaining on my 60GB HD) I burn to dvd-r and just repeat when i run out of space again.

    The compression only works if you use NTFS btw, i dont. I use the FAT32 format, and IMO its much more stable. Never have any corrupted files during blackouts, or resets. Only had a damaged file when my brother pulled out the power socket.

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