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    Ok So I have a play list of an exact cd that I want to burn. The problem is I can never pull it off with any ease.

    If I go to my roxio cd creator and try to find all the files and put them in the same order it always seems impossible.

    The same tracks now have different names... most commonly the title of the band in the track name. So times all the tracks are not there. Now I know this is related to importing where roxio is looking for the music off my hard drive. Then the other way I have tried is with real player one and that is easy enough... I import all new music it can find ... but the same problem exists.. all the tracks are not there and they are almost always listed differently with tracks/names/albums etc.

    What is the easiest way to get a kazaa play-list directly into a cd burning program.


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    The easiest way to burn playlists is with musicmatch Jukebox. dl the latest version from if you have $20 buy the plus version (lifetiem upgrades) this software is actually worth the $.

    But if you don't have $ dl the basic version then get the key gen off of Kazaa so you can get the plus version. enter the key in the basic version that you downloaded to get the plus version, now you can burn at maximum speed.

    Now musicmatch will be your defalt player.

    Then just double click or drag the files you want to Musicmatch. Put the files in the order you want save the playlist for future use, then press burn.

    Musicmatch is by far the easiest option. I've tried them all and it's the fastest and most user friendly.

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    I use nero and I never had any problems with burning music. Open Nero choose audio cd and drag& drop the files you want.

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    Thank you

    I used nero today and it worked fine. However, when I use its locate music thingy and go into my computer/programfiles/kazaa lite/my shared... they are never listed or named the same way they appear in kazaa when i play them off of My Kazaa list.

    I will try musicmatch, you mentioned that you drag or double click the music into your musicmatch and then you can put it in order and burn away... Where do you drag and click it from? A musicmatch computer directory search?

    I guess the root of my problem is that the order and titles of the files in that appear in MY Kaza vary slightly from the way it appears as file from a computer search stand point.

    For instance when playing music off of Kazaa it may be listed as:

    Title: Salty Dog Artist: Flogging Molly Album: Swagger

    But when I search for it in nero in the appropriate folder

    title: floggin molly-salty dog mp3 artist: album:

    kinda frustrating

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    Another option would be to d/l Windows Media Player 9. Its a free download from micro$oft. After its installed, it will find all of your kazaa playlists and import them. Since it integrates CD burning into the player, you just choose the list you want, and choose Copy to CD. Easy as 1, 2, 3.--

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