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    Ive noticed 'avatars' is a very popular subject and paint shop pro is always advised as the software to use to crate and edit your avavtars. So as I learn and others who already know we can help users get the avatar they want and desevere (except wocus )

    OK, my problem is..... How do I resive my picture two 64x64 pixels?

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    Open up the picture you want to resize.
    Go to 'Image' > 'Resize'
    Make sure the 'Maintain aspect ratio' box is checked.
    Click on the 'Pixel Size' and enter the value you want.
    Click OK and the image will be resized.
    Save it.


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    opps, I thought it would be harder then that.
    Thanks datamore and sorry for posting this in the wrong topic I just thought it was more related to avatars.

    ummm.... anyone else need help?

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    Yeah, well if you want to edit (rezise) a gif avatar, like you have, you cant do it in Paintshop, but you probably have Animationshop... Use that

    File/Animation wizard (mark "as defined here") and type in the width and heigth you want.

    Or do it the easy way, Animation/ Rezise Animation. <----- from the menu


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