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Thread: Odd Startup With Norton

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    Hi All. I installed NSW and NIS 2004. Everything works great. When I boot up though there is a window left open that shows 2 dll's: NISCONFD.DLL and PPROFILE.DLL. No other probs other than this window. Any ideas?? Thanks

    Edit: Found the problem. Whenever I uninstalled NIS 2003, these 2 dll.s were left behind in a folder on their own. I deleted them and msg window is now gone and all still works great.

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    Wait, is it an explorer (Not IE) window?
    Well, it seems they are associated with NIS, and not NSW.
    Sounds pretty weird. I think I need more info.

    BTW, NIS 2004 sux
    But, if you like it, have fun. I hear it's causing mountains of trouble for users, though.

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    It is an Windows explorer window, not IE. And all is running great. I had used 2003 with success. I havent been disappointed yet. Just this weird window that pops up. Thanks for the reply.

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    have you tried reinstalling your norton software?

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    Thx for the reply. Havent reloaded it yet. I was hoping someone would have a simple solution. I think Im gonna look at the startup file and see if I can move these files and still get good service. BTW, just came back from shields up testing. NIS passed every test. Even did the more extensive test, all passed. cyas.

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    Got it. Check edit above. Thx for the replies.


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