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Thread: Stupid Indian Music In R@b And Rap

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    Dont you think its kinda stupid ??

    I cant stand remixes of some songs that include an indian guy in the background and the indian tunes and shit.

    I just dont like it.

    How much of you guys change the radio station when you hear that shit ?

    Like, fair enough, indian music is cool but when mixed with R&B and Rap its just :x

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    I like Indian Flute by Timbaland & Magoo. :music1:
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    yea its getting a bit boring now, its really shit

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    I hate it, they just try to make the tune catchy with the indian music so they can sell records.
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    i agree with u guys but dont call indian music shit cuz thats racist.

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    Originally posted by johnnytightlips2@3 February 2004 - 00:09
    i agree with u guys but dont call indian music shit cuz thats racist.
    4 REAL CUZ I'M INDIAN and i dont like wut u posted so im bout 2 REPORT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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