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Thread: Photoshop Cs

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    hey i was wondering if anyone has a serial # for Adobe photoshop CS.. it would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    you need more than a serial, theres been a big problem with the Paradox release

    If it were me I would be redownloading the whole thing, the TDA release works fine

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    Im not sure what release i got.. but nowhere did i notice a Paradox logo during install.. i got my copy from Up2Dat .. it has a crack file in it,, but im really new to this and not sure how th whole process works.. i put in a serial # i got from kazaa.. but now it says that they had a problem authenticating it.. and it keeps asking me to activate it.. but i cant change the serial #.. so what am i supposed to do with the crack or anything in general.. total newb here. please help

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    there is usually a .nfo file with the installing instructions, if there is open it with notepad (a file ending in .nfo)

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    Nope i just used ISObuster to look thru the .bin file that i installd Photoshop CS from and i cant find any such file with an .NFO ending. There is just the folder lised as CRACK and it has a ADOBELM.DLL file and a TW10122.DAT file in it. for the time being im able to use photoshop but it just gives me the thirty day activation warning. basically my only prob rite now is tryin to get it legitimately activated.

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    Originally posted by vertigo831@2 February 2004 - 14:37
    ADOBELM.DLL file and a TW10122.DAT file in it.
    put these two file into the program files folder, where photoshop CS is installed

    do it something like this
    click on Start > My computer > C: > Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop CS

    this is where you put the contents of your crack folder

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    also don't worry about serial number, it will accept anything

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    k i replaced the files in the Photoshop folder with the CRACK folder files. Now how exactly should this work.. is it goin to stop it from deactivating me or should i reinstall the prog again and this time choose not to try and activate it and leave it as is.???

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    I've dug around for instructions

                                        Installation:                +-------------------+
        +--------------------+            Unrar Burn Install              +--------------------+
        ++                      Use Any 24 Digit Serial For Installation                      ++
                Overwrite AdobeLM.dll & Tw10122.dat with 2 files from /crack dir         
    This is what you have just done, so everything should work fine

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    Yeah your right,, thanx a lot,, it doens ask me anything about activating it when i run it now... it just opens the prog up now with no probs. BTW to anyone who has an older version of photoshop i would recommend this cuz it really is a lot faster than previous verisons..

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