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Thread: Windows Xp Media Center Edition

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    I downloaded the exe file from kazza and cant get it to install. Does anyone know how to get it to work.

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    Originally posted by Dick Justice@2 February 2004 - 14:12
    I downloaded the exe file from kazza and cant get it to install. Does anyone know how to get it to work.
    Does your pc have what it takes to run media center. If not then your wasting your time.

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    what happens when you run the file
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    and this is a problem....
    how big was it
    what was the exact filename

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    the file name was Windows_Xp_Media_Center_Edition.exe its 9,130kb. If anyone knows how to get this file to execute let me know. If not do you know where i can get a version that works..

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    a 9 MB OS ? :helpsmile:

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    better get your virus checker at the ready if u have run it

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    That was a mistake, friend. It should be like 500 mb or more, and maybe an ".iso" file. you're supposed to burn it to a disk, then try to run it, but if you don't have a media center kind of computer, then try going for Windows XP.... NOT from KaZaa. Go with BitTorrent or maybe Emule.... anything but Kazaa for programs.

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    Yep, I recommend bitTorrent as well&#33; and just search on suprnova or something and get a more realistic file size&#33;

    EDIT be more careful in the future as well
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