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Thread: Where's My Drive Gone?

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    I have an external 8Gb IBM hard drive connected to my laptop via tha PCMCIA slots which I use to store my mp3 's on. Its right there in 'my comp' or 'win' explorer' and visable elsewhere and working fine.

    However, it's not there when I right click on any file or folder and want to 'send' that file/folder to that drive using the 'send to' option.

    Also, maybe relevant, XP pro' has for some reason changed the original icon for this drive to another different hdd icon, tho' the icon on the desktop remains the same. It's otherwise working fine.

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    Sorted out now.

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    Glad to see your problem's sorted, miggy.

    For anyone who's wondering how to sort this kind of thing out, it's done using the 'SendTo' folder in your Windows folder. To create a 'send to...' entry in the context menu, just create a shortcut to the intended destination in the 'SendTo' folder.


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