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Thread: Resume Starts From Begining

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    When I resume a file the downloading starts from 0 kb, but when the file was in paused status the size of download indicated by kaaza was the right size. I looked in the shared folder and the file .dat had the size of the download when paused, but kaaza still downloads it from begining.

    I use Win XP Pro SP 1.

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    Strange, what version of kazaa are you using, and have you tried re-installing

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    I use ver. 2.4.3

    That was happened when I moved the file .dat in another folder and then back in the kazaa's shared folder. I use to move the files incompleted because there are other people (my family) using kazaa on this pc and I don't want them to see what I download (dirty stuff lol)

    I didn't try to reinstall.

    And another thing: if my pc is restarted for some reason (power outage for instance) during a download, the incomplete file dissapear from the shared folder.

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    as far as the file disapearing because of power outage, it is by design, you should get you a backup UPS to solve that problem.

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    thats right ff, good one again

    moving your dat files or your pc crashing can corrupt your dat files and then klite will delete them.

    also by moving your dat files you might make them loose the sources info and if that happens then they will start from zero


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