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Thread: Downloads Disappearing

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    Running 2.4.3, some of my downloads are dis appearing. They aren't in my download directory and no where on my hard drive. Please help.

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    if you had a previous version of kazaa lite when you stared that download, then it is probably in the shared folder where that application was. Also make sure that the file just did not get named correctly. It may still be in your downloads folder with a *.dat extention. Find the file and just rename it to what it should be. U could use Kdat to find the right file.

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    what ff is saying in short is :

    your dat files have the path of the old shared folder, either look in the old shared folder, go to the kazaa folder (not kazaa lite) and add the folder "my shared folder"

    or open k-dat and change their path to the new shared folder

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    Hi I also had this problem after reloading my system (see thread fromWhatisfree late jan) Tried the suggestions given. I don't lose me dls anymore however they stay as .dat files?

    This ain't too bad as you can see the size after they complete. I now look at the size, go to the shared folder and find the same/similar size file, have a quick preview(I'm running XP) then rename the file, make sure that you have the "see all file extensions" enabled. don't ferget to put the correct ext to it or it ain't gonna work! A bit nmconvienient, but hey it's free!!!



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