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Thread: Xvid To Vcd Yet

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    is there a way of converting Xvid to VCD yet
    to they have a good codec build

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    Yes there is, I use Nero it burns AVI films directly onto VCD as long as the length is less than length of cd. You will need to uninstall all your codecs and install the Kazaalite one

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    You might run into some trouble with nero, some do some don't. Visit this site and you'll get all the details you need on editing and converting movies.

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    that site is great i suggest it alot myself..The only problem with burning directly to vcd is you don't get to check for errors , so you get many coasters.I prefer vdub,and tmpgenc to convert.Then i view the mpg burn with easy cd or nero.Less chance of errors thar way.

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    Use TMPGenc! You can't trust the encoding done with Nero.
    It will explain it all there. If it doesn't, post it here. There are at least 5 of us here that has experiences with encoding (Nightwolf and I are the only ones that I can think of right now.)


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