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Thread: Napster Question

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    When you pay for the premium service is it 10 dollars a month for any amount of downloads you wish to make without paying 99c per song (sounds too good to actually be true) or is it $10 a month + 99c each time you download a song? I read their site and 2 different pages say 2 different things, so I am unclear on what the premium service really is, so if any napster users care to reply I'd appreciate it =)

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    I believe you will still have to pay 99 a song.

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    Originally posted by GambleR@2 February 2004 - 23:00
    so if any napster users care to reply I'd appreciate it =)
    napster users on here

    If you want music use soulseek it's free

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    For $10 a month you can download and play all the music you want. You cannot burn it to a CD, and if you quit paying the $10 a month, you don't have access to what you have downloaded (the digital rights expire). If you want to permanently "own" the tracks, you must pay $.99 per song, or $10 per album. You do not have to spend any money per month to Napster, but then you are limited to 30 second snippets of the song to preview, and you still can buy songs for $.99.

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    it seems cool, i mean the interface and shit it looks great. the fuctions are also great man i really wish someone would make a filesharing program that is free, no adware, no spyware. that would be awsomeyou know im gonna make a topic bout this ure dream p2p app
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