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Thread: Home Networking Problem On Xp Pro

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    I hope somebody out there in cyber land can help me, i have a problem sharing files on my home network and so sharing more files on kazaa (i already share over 5000 genuine files).

    We are able to share an internet connection but we can't share our files...i've tried all the usual things ie, right click and share this folder with other users on this network but it doesn't seem to work.

    Both machines are running xp pro and i have a 500kb connection (shared via a router) any assistance would be greatly appreciated .



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    try here:

    hope this helps,

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    i had this too, it was because more than one program was managing an internet connection, and as extra security file sharing is set to off by windows when you install your dial up software. it turned out to be to much of a mission to keep turning file sharing on and of on the various programs, so i abandoned the issue. i`m on win98 though

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    Thanks for the help guys...i'll try the link and maybe if that doesn't work re-format and try from scratch again.

    Thankyou for taking the time to help it is really appreciated.



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