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Thread: Xbox Dvd Capabilities

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    Well as you guys probably know i LOVE XBOX, especially crimson skies right now, im hooked on it, the single player so addictive anyway, i know you ahve to by a 30 dollar kit to play dvds on ur xbox but i want to know if it has any other capabilities without any modding.

    K that sounded weird heres layman terms:

    DOes it play any other thing instead of dvds? I.E. vcd, svcd, divx all that good stuff ?

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    no, you need modchip to play s/vcd

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    it does play cd+/- rw and dvd +/-rw. NOT -/+ rs!

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    2003 xbox's supposedly play vcd

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    It depends which DVD drive is in your Xbox. Mine won't even read cd-r's.


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