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Thread: Best Compression Method

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    Hey guys, just wondring what is my best bet for video compression, on a machine with no codecs installed that are not included in XP.

    I just made a video file for my girlfreind with adobe premeier, but after rendering everything the uncompressed avi came out to about 800MB. I just went and did it with divx, but then realized that she cannot install anything on the school computers, and the liklihood of the divx codec being on there is slim.

    As far as I know this comp has only wmp and quicktime, and I am not gonna deal with .mov.


    Edit: my bad meant to put this on codecs.

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    there is a way to make it self "boot" and play without codecs
    I'll look around for you, unless someone else knows what I'm talking about.
    or she should be abel to play mpeg, kvcd is mpeg1

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@3 February 2004 - 01:43
    or she should be abel to play mpeg, kvcd is mpeg1 
    That is what I was thinking, and am actually doing it as right now, just wanted to be sure and hear any other suggestions.

    Hmm weird, the file has two audio tracks, the audo from the original video, and then music I added in, the audio fads out when seh starts talking, but when I convert it with divx, the audio does not fad out and you cannot hear her. When I did as mpeg, there was no video, I just did it a standard mped with tmp. Anyways there is an encoder in premier and I am gonna give that a go, encoding it to .mov, because I know she will not have a problem there, hopefully it works.

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