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Thread: Problem With Large Exe Files

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    I can't open some large exe files. I get an error the program is too big to run or similar.

    This is one:
    Bygg Flygplan med Mulle Meck (1) (1).exe
    size: 48, 385 Kb

    Is there an easy solution for this?
    How can I open these files?

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    are sure it aint fake? verrified? could be a virus!

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    Many .exe files found of software are fakes or viruses. I would stick to .zip, .rar, and CD images. That's just me though. Really if you can help it I would only get images (.BIN, .ISO).

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    Bygg Flygplan med Mulle Meck (1) (1).exe
    Dont get anything that has (1) in it or "copy of"

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    Use ISOBuster, is what I've been told.

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    Where did you download the file? If it's off kazaa don't do it again lol, stick with mirc or bitTorrent for software
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