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Thread: Shareaza Connection Through Isp Firwall?

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    I am new in using Shareaza. I need to download about 100MB important files from edonkey and I installed both edonky and Shareaza. Non can connect to network. I have disabled my XP firewall but my ISP using a firwall or a proxy (I don't know which ) which is out my reach. I need to find a way to connect to edonkey and download my files. Shareaza using port 36630 and address is automatic both for inbound and outbound. It says "connecting to the network ... " and nothing happens for long time. I used "netstat -na " from dosprompt and TCP are listenning at 36630 with both local and forign address= but infront of UDP it says for local address and *:* for forgien address and blank for state. Anyone knows what might be the problem and how I can find a way to connect to edonkey using Shareaza?


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    Try setting your incoming port to 80 (this is the port used for HTTP/web data). Make sure your firewall is disabled. If you're using a router, unplug it and try connecting your modem directly.


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