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Thread: Best Way To Get Big Games Quickly

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    I used to download everything with Kazaa. But Kazaa has very few sources and only for some games, not most. So downloading anything takes forever and that is if you can even find it on kazaa.

    And if you have tried the smaller versions of some games that are available on Kazaa, I think you can agree that it doesn't give the full capacity as a full game copy on a cd or an image file.

    Well, I hope you will agree that best way to go is to get the full cd/image version of (almost) any game.

    I have tried Emule, then Overnet, and then Edonkeys. The problem with these P2P is that it crashes other softwares and/or one's computer. The other problem is that Emule is slow. And they all crashes Kazaa, so that Kazaa must be reinstalled to use it again, but only to be corrupted again until one fully uninstall these other P2Ps. These softwares didn't even come with a proper uninstalling component when I tried them a couple of months ago.

    Anyway, so many people were telling me to use Bit Torrent to get these games I wanted, but I was reluctant to because of these previous bad experiences with Emule, Overnet, and Edonkeys. I forgot to mention that I also tried ShareAza, and it also interfered with my other software.

    Anyway, I finally got so frustrated with Kazaa that I decided to give Bit Torrent a shot. I was told that Bit Torrent doesn't work at the same time with Kazaa, but they don't conflict with each other. Well, guess what guys.

    Bit Torrent is much faster than Kazaa because you can share partial downloads. It also has options for checking for errors, so you don't need to hardly ever redownload any file. Kazaa is notorious for errors, especially with iso image files (that is why original crack images are in Bin formats, which aren't prone to errors).
    Bit Torrent has much more full CD/image games than Kazaa that are downloadable. You won't believe this, but Bit Torrent can be used at the same time as Kazaa. Yes, you can run both at the same time. I use Shadow's version and there are no conflicts--none I am aware of. I don't know about other versions though.

    One more tip, get WinIso and Virtual CD to play these games. Use WinIso to convert any image format to an ISO format. Then mount the ISO image with Virtual CD. Then you can play the game directly from the ISO image without having to burn the image on a CD. Once you know that the image works, use it to burn yourself a backup copy of the game so you won't lose it when you catch a virus from these software companies's hackers.

    There is a tip for using WinIso. To make a working ISO image with WinIso, you must open an image file through the "file" menu tab and browsing for the file, then select "save as" and selecting a location and give it a name. It doesn't work all the time if you use the "convert any image to ISO image" tab.

    There is a tip for Virtual CD. Any version 5 keygen will work on the latest version of Virtual CD. Oh, if you don't know what Virtual CD is, it just emulates a CD-rom. So the game thinks that it is being run from a CD-rom instead of your hard-drive. Thus, you don't need to burn the image to a CD. Cool huh.


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    no shit sherlock.

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    Wow thanks for that valuable info......... B)

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    welcome to the civilized world of p2p

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    ok seriously if you just figured that out i really seriously pity u :

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    This is what the Title of this thread reads:

    Best Way To Get Big Games Quickly, Tips For Newbies

    This is what it should say:

    Best Way To Get Big Games Quickly, Written by a Newbie

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    wow i pity him... he must've spent some time typing that

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    Why didn't you guys write something like this then when I needed it a year ago. A bunch of smart ass. Hehe. Its cool. There is always a newbie coming along, like me. I hope he catches this. He can't complain that I didn't help out. Hehe.

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    You guys will be surprised but so many people have downloaded my NFSU with Kazaa. I have spent over about 2 whole months just uploading solely it almost 24/7. And it is hogging up all of my bandwidth, but they are newbies, and they don't know about Bit Torrent. I try to tell them, but most people block incoming messages. Anyone using Bit Torrent can get it, but these newbies don't know about Bit Torrent. So if I stop uploading it, they will have a difficult time getting it. And most don't even visit the forum, so they are completely unaware of the "underground network." Either way, they are lost. Thus, my message above is to try to catch and save those per chance that comes my way. So you guys should help me spread the message, not poke fun at it. Hehe. Anyway, please let me know if this message help you ok. Give me some support, or else I am not going to try to help anymore newbies, including uploading the freaking NFSU. Hehe. (Disregard this last bit about stopping helping out. Just kidding.)

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