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Thread: E-mule Keeps Changing Server?

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    For the past week or so E-mule keeps losing connection to servers!!
    I leave it on all night and usually (before this week) it would'nt change server all night, but now I wake up to find its changed at least 10-15 times during the night.
    It eventually finds another one and it don't seem to affect my downloads at the moment but I'm sure it can't be doing it any good.
    Any ideas why??
    Is this happening to anyone else?

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    I haven't had the prob, but as long as ur re-connecting and maintaining a high ID, I wouldn't worry about it. U may, however, want to check to make sure u r not being blacklisted (can happen for various reasons if u put too much strain on the server ie. try dl'ing more than 20 or 30 files at a time, share more than 500 files, etc.). I'm one the road right now, so I don't have a link handy, but check out the FAQ at the eMule Plus forum for more info on blacklisting.

    Edit: Heck, what am I worrying about? thisiswhoweare will probably be stopping by soon enough. I'm sure he will post the link.
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    i should be studying, but can't be bothered right now hehe.
    But as guit says, it doesnt matter if you keep changing servers (losing and reconnecting to another and not a forced change), just as long as you can connect with HighID. Its not really a blacklist issue as far as I know. Try updating your serverlist to remove any dead servers after 1 retry.
    I think its because razorback is down (its not here in my list so im assuming it is) that theres fewer space in servers which might be why you lose your connection to them.
    For me i only get cut off a few times a day (3 times, sometimes never).

    Anyway i wouldnt worry to much about it since your dl isnt affected. Only time to be is when you cant connect to it at all.

    Anyhow heres the faq to the blacklist, give it a try and see if it improves,321

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    Thanks guys!
    Yeah I seem to be keeping my hi ID so I'll not worry too much!


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