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Thread: Peob;em With Old Dell Pc

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    May 2003
    ive good an old dell 300mhz 128mg

    basically when i turn it on it says disc read error so i boot from a cd rom (win 2000) formated and started to reinstall os. now it formated and copied the files for win2000 to the hdrive, then it says pc will reboot in 15 sec. so when the pc booted back up again to finish the installation it says disk read error. checked bios settings hdrive is set on auto . there is nothing wrong with the hdrive coz i took it out of one of my other pc

    whats the problem

    o yeh it also says error loading operating system

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    Mar 2003
    have u got a win98 bootdisk, boot using that and delete all partitions using fdisk, and create a new partition. then reboot to cd with 2k setup. also have u got it set to master?

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    Aug 2003
    you could try clearing the cmos that might fix any bios problems and put them back to default.

    To clear the cmos remove the battery for a little while (about a minute) or chnage the clear cmos jumper to the clear position, wait a few seconds, then put it back to the normal position. then turn on teh computer and enter setup.


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