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Thread: Hi Guys Can Any One Help Me On Earth

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    we all watched and still watching porn movies. but the problem that i cant solve is untill now i cant find a GOOD porn STORY . All the Movies that we have is just girls are getting naked and a *ick is going in and out and thats all.

    i found some sites like ( iam not voting for the site) whivh i find there is a story (its a sly one) but there is something not like usual.

    can any one help me with a good names OR sites where i can download A GOOD PORN STORY.

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    Not really.

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    a really good one is DreamQuest with Jenna Jameson, fantasy stuff, real good quality

    There was also an other one that I watched years ago when I worked in a video store, I dont remember the name, but it dealt with scientist in a sleep lab studying erotic dreams, it was good and it spawned a few sequels...

    Hope That Helps


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    thanx for the replys but can any one help me to get me the name of that Doctor Movie which (Draconos ) wrote about thats sounds to be a very good one

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    if you post in the movie lost and found, I'm sure some1 will know what it is, I think it might be Dreamscape but only 75% sure of that


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    thanx very much for the help and may u oks help me to get to that place of lost and found but any way i will try to find my self trhanx again

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    Its on the main movieworld page, in the pinned section, under request over general discution.


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    what is this "earth" you speak of?


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