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Thread: When Downloading

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    london baby!!
    i was just wondering what i should

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    Try to upload AT LEAST as much as you download. Upload more if you want to sustain the community.
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    You should try to upload as close as you can to what you download.

    I know others will say that you should upload at least as much if not more then you download, but that just is not possible for everyone to do. But the more you up, the faster the overall speeds will be.


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    It depends on how much your bandwidth can handle, but you should share at least as much as you download (it keeps the network going).

    I share 3 times as much as I download everytime. If you use Azureus or ABC, you can configure it in your options and leave it alone. You can set it to stop sharing at certain time or at a certain ratio, including some other factors.

    Another reason why those clients rock.

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    basically i say as much as u can, theres no real set limit thats everyone abides by, i say share at least 100% so that someone has got the file from u and can seed.

    if u want to share more, no-ones gonna complain, prob the opposite. i keep seeding till eveyone is done

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    Before the download is actually finished, only upload at about 50-80% of your connection&#39;s upload max.

    For 56k v.90 dial-up connections, ALWAYS leave the upload speed set to 3 KB/sec and 2 users at a time. It will actually upload faster that way than setting the speed higher.

    For 128 kbps upload max, that&#39;s about 6-10 KB/sec.
    For 256 kbps upload max, that&#39;s about 12-20 KB/sec.

    When the download finishes, you can speed it up to 80-90% of your connection max.

    For 128 kbps upload max, that&#39;s about 10-14 KB/sec.
    For 256 kbps upload max, that&#39;s about 20-29 KB/sec.

    However, I am assuming only 1 torrent download is active at a time. If there&#39;s more than one, you&#39;ll have to divide your upload bandwidth between them in such a way so it does overload your connection.

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    I use azareus...So If may speed is like 100 kbs ..what should my upload speed be like?


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