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Thread: Desperate Plea For Old Manga

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    Right youll have to bearwith me lads. I moved to switzeland in 1989 for a few years, and being english couldnt understand much french at the time, so couldnt watch much of the tv that was broadcast. however i used to go round a mates house to watch a japanese anime serial that was redubbed into french. it was an amazing show and have been desperately searching for it ever since. however its bloody difficult cos i dont remember the name of it. from what i remember, it was about knights who had massive scraps with each other, with swords and magic. i know thats bloody vague, but if anyone has any ideas what it might have been, ill be in their debt forever. i dont know if it was on satellite of euorpean tv, but it was defintely shown every week, and ran for quite a while. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. cheers in advance

    ps if this is in the wrong section moderator, sorry pal. is there a section for anime requests?
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    That is indeed extremely vague, as it describes quite a bunch of animes You&#39;ll have to come up with smth more solid than that to go on, or you can help yourself and check and


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