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Thread: Firewalls

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    are they really needed? i mean what are the chances of some 1 getting im my computer out of all the ones out there? they just piss me off even the best one, ZA Pro. all they do is give my stupid alert warnings and slow down my comp. plz give me ur opinions i need to know if i should kepp it or get rid or it.


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    Yes you need to them if you dont want your account flooded You should read that topic shn started in internetworld.

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    This topic has been posted so many times I've lost count. Please do a search next time, as it saves yourself a possible flaming.

    As for Zone Alarm Pro being the best... dream on. The majority of people with sense use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro.

    If you don't know how to use the software, don't try and make out that it sucks, when it's probably saving your ass on numerous occasions. These 'stupid alert warnings' can be turned off if you had bothered to check.

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    1) Get a router
    2) configure it
    3) leave it alone

    Well, there is more protection than a router. You can set up your connection through some homemade servers or some anonymous proxies. Firewalls can be VERY annoying. If ya got XP, just keep the one built in up, and use hardware.

    You can set up a NAT and VPN. You can set up a server with a piece of junk computer and it will work great with a version of Linux or Unix made for routing.

    JUST GOOGLE IT! There's plenty of info on it.

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