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Thread: Is Everything On Kl Fake?

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    Overnight I downloaded around 10 movies! Every single one of them fake! Every single one, the whole 1:02:28 timeframe, but the times that's listed on them when I went to download them in the first place was mislabled. Is there any way or program that can tell you beforehand if a file is fake or corrupted before you download the friggin thing?

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    The FAQ and search button will help you a lot here.

    Avi Preview and using the verifieds will help the problem.

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    thts y there is ed2k

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    If you're using Kazaa, just let people upload off you. There are much better alternatives for downloading.

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    Is Everything On Kl Fake?
    Just about... yeah.

    Use BitTorrent, buddy. People who share one KaZaa get their REAL files from BT. Check out that section of the forum.

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    Make sure you have block RIAA ip addresses turned on in KL++ AND keep that list up-to-date.

    It will VASTLY reduce the number of fakes you see in searches.

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    Make sure you have block RIAA ip addresses turned on in KL++ AND keep that list up-to-date
    What is RIAA and How would I do that, please advise.

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    Originally posted by bc_lady@5 February 2004 - 19:01
    What is RIAA and How would I do that, please advise.
    RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America.
    Kazaa Lite K++ has an option in it to block RIAA ip addresses. Turn that on.
    To update it, you need to either run the automatic updater or paste new ip entries into it manually.

    The IP ranges can be MANUALLY updated to the blocklist file ( BannedIpRanges.txt ) by opening BannedIpRanges.txt in Wordpad or M&#036; WORD and copying and pasting new entries in.

    New entries can be gotten from Peer Guardian&#39;s website. Use the Guarding.p2p file as the pure text one sometimes truncates entries. Just open the guarding.p2p like it is a pure text file in WordPad (because it IS a pure text file&#33

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    Good day pop0331 ,
    Yes, you can.
    If the file is "rar, zip or iso", you can check if it fake or not by downloading at least one or two MB than turnoff kazaa and change the file extension from "dat" to "rar" (you most install winrar 3.00 or above), than you can see the name of the files inside the compressed file, and do not forget to change the file extension again to "dat" to complete the download.

    If you are downloading a movie you can check it by using "avipreview" or "media classic player", but I have a problem with the first one, it does play the DiVx files after installing 5.1.1 Pro codec, but it is work on version 5.0.5 very nice.

    avipreview support "mpg, mpeg, avi(DiVx) and avi(uncompressed form)" only.

    media classic player support all media files, but some codec is required.

    To download winrar click here.

    To download the codec package.

    To find a link for media classic player search here please for this file.

    Good luck pop0331 .

    :music1: Ahmad92 :music1:.

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    The only thing "REAL" on kazaa is the false files, the screechy mp3&#39;s and the viruses..
    Oh and before I forget, the RIAA

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