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Thread: Plz Help

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    :helpsmile: With some advice I have downloaded ABC.

    I went to :

    To download Scary Movie 3 and when I clicked on it ABC asked me where i wanted to save it.

    I choose a file to save it in and pressed ok but now its saying.

    Problem connecting to tracker

    Can anyone help.

    Thanks 2 all who reply B)

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    well it means what it says, you cant connect to the tracker, so just retry a lot over the next few minutes,hours, or even days, and if that doesnt work, just go to a different site,hope that helped

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    Probally menas the tracker is down. Keep it open and it will go sooner or later.

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    yea tracker is down, wait and it should come back online, or u will have to get the torrent from somewhere else on a dif tracker

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    best fing to do is just wait


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    such problems are totally unrelated to your client. stick with abc, you'll love it. you'd get the same error using that torrent on any other client like shadow's, original, azureus, turbobt, torrentstorm, etc.


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