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Thread: Help With Mafia

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    I downloaded (Mafia.CD1.FairLight.ShareReactor.BIN),
    and (Mafia.CD3.FairLight.ShareReactor.BIN).

    And burned the disks and installed the game just fine.
    I got my no-cd check patch from and installed it too.
    But after I press "tutorial", "new game", or "free ride" the game gets about half way through loading and then the game just exits out to my desktop.

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    Is your machine fast enough to run it?--

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    wut type of comp do u have u prob cant run it

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    Do you have the .nfo for the game? It should have the system spec's in there or at least the readme should. See if your comp meets the spec.'s and see if anything else is required to run the game.

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    I have a gainward geforce 4 ti4200 128mb
    1.4g processor
    500mb ddr ram
    OS Win XP Pro

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    Have you tried the no cd crack that came in the .bin file?
    Usually you'll find a folder called 'crack' with the crack inside.

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    I got the same version of the game recently and the same thing has happened to me, but at different points in the game (always while loading though). System specs aren't as good (P41.8, GeForce 2, 256 RAM, XP), but it seems to be able to run it OK.

    It's only happened a few times, and I just restart the game and it's normally fine, so I'm not too worried. I hope you get it working cos it's a really good game, I left Unreal 2 halfway and I'm playing this instead.

    edit: I used the crack but I stilll have to play with the CD, although it never asked me for a serial.

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    nope the crack file didn't work.

    But thanks for replying.

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