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Thread: College Supeoaned

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    A local college in Tennessee has been supeanoed(sp&#33 by the Riaa? and it mentioned Kazaa in it..i have just heard about it and was wonderin if anyone else had heard either about this specific case or another one like it.. I know a lot of colleges have their own servers..wonder if that brought it on..

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    I have not heard anything about this or have not recieved any emails on it.

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    I dunno (try sites like zeropaid and the register for stuff like this). I have heard of Uni's tightening montioring though and disallowing P2P apps to be run on campus. I think there was a case a while back when there was some sort of internal filesharing (a LAN sharing 1000 MP3's or somthing) which was picked up either by the college or the RIAA.

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    I will try to run down the student who I overheard talking about not with my car....


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