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Thread: Is There On Earth Something Like This Available

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    looking for a movie that has a good story ďa story based movieĒ which is better from what we all know. All the porn movies that we use to see are just like ok you want sex take it but there is no story , and even if some one start to do some thing like this the story will be very very silly. Thatís why I start to go to the hentai movies. can any one tell me the name of a porn good story movies

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    Are they supposed to have a story line??

    Maybe go watch basic instinct or something

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    Baise Moi is a very hard movie with in the uncut version Explicit sex...! And yes that's explicit... this movie btw isn't rated 16 but 18+... not only for the sex but also for the violence it contains! moi!

    Caligula, was a pretty decent shocking movie...
    Still think it ain't the bad movie that people took it for...

    and a lot of the 70-80's pr0n has stories like the Taboo series, Devil in miss jones, deep throat... that sort of...

    (oh i know these all because i was a lot younger then.... pretty much ofcourse )

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    thnaks guys for the response ..can any on recommend any names for 70`s Or 80`s movies or any other good movies


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