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Thread: No Sound

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    hi, i have downloaded a movie from suprnova 'the recruit' it is an avi file. the movie will play but there is no sound (when played in videolan). BS player and the Divx player will play the movie with sound but then play the movie in slow motion. i have put the movie through G-spot and that says everything is ok with the file. any suggestions??

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    Too much running on your comp maybe? Have you the latest codec pack? If not install the latest pack and try again.

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    try reebooting

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    i have the full codec pack and i have tried rebooting but to no avail. the same programs which i have had running before when playing a movie i have running this time too. i mean nothing has changed, so i have shutdown a few programs but still the same. there is one thing though, when i play this movie through videolan it doesnt start off by itself like other movies, i have to physically move the slider for the movie to start playing, and another thing is if i pause the playback and then press play the sound does start for a split second. so i tried that several times hoping to jump start the audio but still no luck. any other suggestions? could the file be damaged but g-spot did not recognise it? can i use winmpg to make this into an avi file, i mean overwrite the data or re-write the data-is that possible? :helpsmile:


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