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Thread: Pal & Ntsc

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    I have no problems burning DVDs, but I found I can' t burn some because some of my videos are in PAL format and others are in NTSC.
    How can I find out which ones are PAL and which ones are NTSC?
    Is there a program or am I too dumb to find out?
    Is there any way to easily change the format?
    Thank you anyone.

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    mate because its kind of irrelevant pal/ntsc when it comes to burning and generaly on a pc.The only time they realy come in to play is playing them at home.And 99% of pal dvdplayers play both.But you could check the properties throught the player when you play a dvd.

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    unfortunately it' s not as you say:

    1) I got an Apple Mac G5 with his super-drive (so it' s called because reads and writes both CDs & DVDs +/-R)

    2) it happened I wanted to create a DVD with lots of music videos (there was space for about 40) so I choose the video DVD option and drag/dropped my files. When I started recording, a window popped out telling me It wasn' t possible to write on the same DVD PAL and NTSC files (only PAL or only NTSC).

    this is the reason why I' m asking: there is a way to know if a file is PAL or NTSC?
    is there a way to convert it?

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    It is as i said actually mate.

    1 dont make any difference

    2 you wasnt clear about on the same disc.

    Its still the same as i said in my first reply mate,just watch the video then look at the properties, or right click properties may tell you..Or open it in an encoding program

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    still it's not as you say:
    the properties was the first thing I checked at.
    which encoding program do you suggest me?

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    'still I would like to hear other opinions

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    It is as i said mate..

    try virtual dub,then file infomation.

    Pal is 25 fps

    23 ntsc

    29 ntsc..........incase it dosnt say pal or ntsc.

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    ck-uk is right. Use virtualdub to load the video then click on file info.

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    digithal, how much you want for that super drive?

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    Dont make fun of him now its not nice


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