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Thread: You Want The Shady S*** Of Es5?

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    This was posted by SharePro earlier today on the ES5 forums. Normally, due to K-Lite's attitude with EarthStation 5 I would not post ES5-related material here, but considering its relevance to a certain member here I believe that it's best known.

    Warning though - This may change your attitude of a certain member here. And give REALITY the opportunity to gloat >_<

    To give a background, recently Redeemer (a moderator and long-standing member of the ES5 forums) was recently "removed" (read banned) from the ES5 forums due to apparantly trying to wear at ES5&#39;s reputation "from the inside". On a similar note, kAb was the same - However, on his leaving notes kAb disclosed the existance of a "Secret Society" board on ES5, consisting of a think-tank of mostly ES5 moderators and a few select members, of which kAb was a part of.

    The following quote is a post by SharePro addressing the theory of the Secret Society, confirming its existance. One particular paragraph that needs to be highlighted is done so in red text - I&#39;ll leave the opinion making to you

    Originally posted by SharePro
    Since kAb was an ass, and trys to fuck up every good thing, I guess its about time that you guys know a couple of things.

    There is a certain part of the forum that regular members cannot see. Its called the "Secret Society".

    Why? Because we have a very large forum and its important to ES5 to keep up with the p2p trends and do our best to provide the best one on one service to each and everyone of the members.

    Remember, I am in charge of providing 6 tera of files, ftp services, online p2p radio, advanced filesharing servers, online movie streams on top of running an entire network.

    On top of that, I answer each and everyone of the pm&#39;s sent to me. There isnt a member here on this forum that I don&#39;t have a one on one relationship with. I really do care about the p2p community, and I care about each and everyone of your online experiences. I do my best to provide a superior online experience and I think that is the key to ES5&#39;s success. But then ES5 is not just a success because of "SharePro". Its a success because of a united community (both in the front lines and those behind the scenes). Behind the scenes, its called the Secret Society.

    ES5&#39;s Private Forum for senior members is a way for us to reach out and take some of the workload off of me. Those members belonging to what we call the "Secret Society" are people who spend their lives providing to the p2p community and ask nothing in return.

    While a lot of people give "SharePro" credit for different aspects of this forums success, you all need to know that the Secret Society is in fact the answer to ES5&#39;s success. While I will not openly give names of the members, these are the people who work their asses off to make things happen.

    Originally, I opened the SS with a small amount of senior members. Everybody in the SS represents something very special about P2P. Warez, Passwords, FTP, P2P News, P2P Radio, Movies, Anime, Music, Forums, Cracks etc.. Each one of the members has vast experience in one or more fields making them worthy of their membership.

    I brought kAb in because he was from Klite. Contrary to common thought, we are not interested in fighting with the Klite community. kAb was supposed to be an "ambassador". Turns out, he just made things worse. We never asked him to be a "spy", but I will tell you that he did provide a great deal of information about the klite community. He was one of their senior members before coming to ES5. Even though kAb volunteered lots of "insiders" information on the Klite community, we never use information provided by kAb against specific Klite members cause that is not what we are about. We used it to know what people like about Klite and their respective community because afterall, we want to provide a superior online experience for everybody here on ES5.

    We have other members who also belong to ZP and all of the other forums. Our mission is to clean up the p2p community from Digital Rights Management and other negative things that can eventually screw what everybody in the community has worked so damn hard to create which is FREE P2P and the FREEDOM to obtain without worrying about the RIAA. We believe the forums are a great way to voice your opinions and that is why I am so light on moderation.

    Whatever happened with Random Nut months ago does not reflect the average p2p user even if that user chooses Klite software. To prove that, we include Kazaa and Gnutella networks into our search and download of ES5. That should speak for itself. We want to combine all networks into one secure client and allow you guys to search and download freely to your hearts desire.

    Not all mods are in the Secret Society. Redeemer was never in the Secret Society even though he was a mod here. I have known for some time that he is the one who posted the chat screen of the Bit Torrent conversation and had my words taken out of text.

    I could have denied that conversation because it was in an open chat where anybody could have signed in as SharePro, but in reality, I admitted to that being me because little did I know (at the time), that Redeemer would not tell the truth about what was said throughout the entire conversation.

    The story is I was entrigued with Bit Torrent because they were being dos attacked every other day. At the time (8 months ago), I began streaming movies and had a hell of time setting it up and securing it. I wanted to know where the hell all of the dos attacks were coming from.

    So I set up a couple of bit torrrent sites and made bandwidth tests. Redeemer asked me clearly in the conversation if I had dos attacked Bit Torrent and I said NO&#33; At the time the chat screen shot was printed, I didnt know that it was Redeemer who took a screen shot to display my words maliciously.

    I admitted to the conversation because I believed he would be HONEST. Simply admit that he clearly asked me "Did you dos attack Bit Torrent" and I said "NO". He could have explained the entire conversation.

    Later, I went and pulled the logs from the radio chat from the actual machine. I know who was online that night and matched the IP&#39;s with the forums IPs. You may ask Starr and she will tell you exactly what the conversation was. It was an hour conversation and only 1 small part was printed. What you see are answers to questions in one screen shot that give the wrong picture.

    In the 1 hour conversation, we were discussing Dos Attacks, we were discussing Palestine Laws, we were discussing movies, we were discussing alot of different issues relating to P2P, and we were even discussing clothing&#33; Only a malicious person would do what he did and take my words out of context. I clearly said BANDWIDTH TESTS and never said DOS ATTACKS and I clearly said in that conversation that I DID NOT DOS ATTACK BIT TORRENT&#33;.

    If a webhoster of a Bit Torrent site was dos attacked by me, then not only the webhoster, but the webhosters ISP would note the amount of ping traffic coming from Palestine. Anybody who is dos attacked always checks to see where the dos attack mass ping traffic is coming from. Since this never happened, you guys never heard of any ISP or webhoster complaining. You see, facts speak better than words.

    After receiving confirmation by a 3rd party source that Redeemer sent Moonman from ZP the chat dialogue with malicious intent, I asked Redeemer to tell the fucking TRUTH&#33; While still in a bit of disbelief that my trusted mod would do something so malicious I decided to ask Redeemer 8 months ago when it was published to simply tell the truth. Tell everybody if he asked me if I had DOS ATTACKED BIT TORRENT and what my answer was.

    (I didnt tell Redeemer that I knew he sent the chat conversation to Moonman, I only asked him to be honest and tell what he knew to be true from the conversation)

    He claims he probably logged off early and that "maybe" I said that I didnt dos attack Bit Torrent, he can&#39;t remember"&#33;

    Well that is simply bullshit&#33; He knows damn well what I said and simply is playing stupid. Again, you can ask Starr, or anybody else that was in on that conversation.

    Around that time, I created the Secret Society. So I asked the Secret Society what they thought I should do and they all agreed that I should leave him on as mod. Remember, this was about 8 months ago. Redeemer stayed and I had no problem with it because first comes the ES5 community and then comes my personal ego.

    About 3 months ago, Redeemer was absent for a couple of months (until recently) so I removed his mod status and brought in other mods.

    Even when Redeemer returned 1 month ago, I PM&#39;d him and asked him if he wanted to return being a mod. So again, I had nothing personal against Redeemer and am not the type to hold grudges.

    Coinciding with the time of Redeemers return, a forum member named Yic, Yak, Icy, Ciy, and several other names start popping up one after the next making all kind of stupid statements. One fiasco was WhiteRaven&#39;s bitching about ES5 banners being "adware". I&#39;m sure you all remember that. It took me 2 weeks to explain to WhiteRaven that "adware" is third party bundled software and not banners.

    It was obvious to me that the person controlling those names (Yik, Yak, etc) was a disgrunted ES5&#39;r and not a "new member looking to explore ES5". The WhiteRaven fiasco only prooved my theories. This all coincided with the return of Redeemer. I didnt suspect Redeemer and I am not in the habit of spying after people to figure out who is who.

    But again, this Yic, Yak, Yap, Icy, etc., kept bitching about the way I run this forum. In other words, Redeemer would sign up using the name "Yic" and while only having one post, he would bitch about the way I run this forum. Again, at the time, I didnt know it was Redeemer, but we all know that the average user doesnt sign up and bitch at the admin on their first post. So again, it was obvious that it wasnt a new member.

    Whenever I see the same characteristics of "Yic, Yak, Yap, etc., etc", I generally go to moderation que and simply block the user and move the thread to the Flame Chamber. Its the same user and the idea of moderation is to get rid of the trouble maker. Not close one account so the person can open a newer one. This guy "Yic" was obviously just another name by the same spammer. The other day, I went to moderation que and by accident, I erased a thread instead of moving it to the flame chamber.

    Then I see the thread is reopened with a bunch of allegations and the person signs Yic, Icy, Ciy at the bottom of his own post, which basically prooved that it was all the same person. So again, I was correct about it being one person and not 5 different users.

    Yic, Icy, Ciy, etc., are not members of the P2P community. On no other forum will you find those names.

    I saw a pattern in the IP&#39;s and began searching the entire forum for other stats. At the time, I also noticed that Redeemer&#39;s IP and those Ip&#39;s match up. I also pulled a log to see if they had ever been in at the same time. Fact is, they hadnt. Redeemer signs in and the bullshit name signs out while in some places one post is directly after the next.

    ** Remember, this forum software allows me to see when members log in and log out.

    Yic (Redeemer) was probably very careless because he should have taken into consideration that IP addresses are just one variable that I can check, but taking into consideration that I know that most people use proxys, I also dig deeper to run analytical stats from the actual Mysql.

    So he posted for a couple of weeks under various names logging out with his name Redeemer and logging in under a different name. He didnt think to login with both names at the same time because he never imagined that I would run the stats to check for patterns. He thought it was enough to use different names and different proxys. In some instances, he used JAP, in others he didnt. Sometimes he used the same proxys, and others he didnt. Point is, that I dont believe in coincidence when an entire pattern is in front of my eyes.

    ** Today, he knows I caught on, so if you see Hyick and Redeemer signed in at the same time, dont let him fool you. He should have thought about that before when he was busy posting with the multiple accounts

    I&#39;ve said before, when searching for viruses, or creating anti virii software, you always look for the patterns. I found the pattern. It wasn&#39;t a personal vendetta against Redeemer for shit that happened 9 months ago about the Bit Torrent issue, rather it was a reality of the present that I had to deal with.

    I asked Filehoover&#39;s opinion cause he is the security chief. He told me as well that while he liked Redeemer, the evidence is beyond any type of reasonable doubt. We both felt betrayed. We are the ones who gave Redeemer the ability to grow with a young aspiring secure p2p network and have the ability to reach out to the community.

    Both kAb and Redeemer have proven a similar trait. They are not only arrogant, but also very selfish. While kAb is busy trying to figure out who Ras Kabair is or Who Steve Martinez is, Redeemer was busy trying to cause chaos. My theory is, if you dont like a forum, dont come. Real simple. But these idiots are not ideologists, rather they are selfish people trying to make a name for themselves because they are jealous of our community.

    They believe since they helped build ES5 Forums, they own the entire community. Fact is, they dont own shit. ES5 is about P2P. Giving without the expectation to receive. That is what the Secret Society is about and that is why it was kept secret. No egos.

    Some of the members of The Secret Society have seen bits and parts of the evidence of Redeemer. I cant show all of the evidence for obvious security reasons. But believe me when I say that I did my homework.

    At ES5, we have always bitched and complained about other p2p forums who use manipulative techniques to promote their p2p forums, their news, advertising software, etc. I am totally against this. Many forum webmasters have several "innocent" accounts whereas they spam their own forum and come off as "innocent users".

    For example, a way to promote software by ZP would be for the owners to mention an advertising software (who pays money to advertise on ZP) using a regular innocent account.

    Then they use a second account for somebody to say "Yeah, I tried such and such software and really like it" and then have a third and forth account do the same so that not only have they established a trend, but also a conversation and arroused interest by making it look like the comments come from different people from different walks of life.

    The ZP members who come across the thread think the conversation is real because they see regular members mentioning the software (because the webmasters are using regular member accounts)

    This is MANIPULATIVE&#33; This is what fucks P2P. This SUCKS&#33; All of these dual accounts are only aimed at manipulating p2pr&#39;s. That pisses me off&#33;

    ES5 has had many wars with many forums because of similar manipulating accounts. I find that somebody is pissed off at ES5 because ES5 is being spammed on another forum and little do I know that the spamming is being done not by real ES5&#39;rs but by ES5 HATERS&#33;

    I had no idea that some people were pulling this shit on ES5 with multiple accounts. If I had known, believe me I would never have allowed it. I am not 2 faced. I would never bitch about other forums if I had the same shit going on at home. So when I found out, I went public. That is me and my personality. I have always been honest to the p2p community and you wont find one place on this open forum that I can be quoted as lying.

    Its like somebody who hates ES5 runs to Klite and spams ES5 in effort to piss them off. Alot of people have always thought I am behind this shit.

    Fact is, behind the scenes, I am in contact with the forum mods of all major p2p forums. While publicly, we rip the shit out of eachother, privately we work together to keep the spammers away. SlyckTom is a simple example and will tell you that ES5 does cooperate with him to keep the spam off of his board.

    I also keep the spam off of ZP. Fact is, I want Es5&#39;rs here and not busy spamming on ZP so Its in our interest to stop it. I&#39;m not friends with ZP, not publicly and damn well not privately, but they do occasionally send me a PM and I do my best to comply. In reality, its not ZP or Slyck, its all about providing a superior online experience to the p2p community.

    Kab and Redeemer have proven that they are not Secret Society material. They have ego&#39;s to address. The "Secret Society" is not about being recognized for sharing or providing. That is what is special about it and that is why I wont mention the members names.

    I will tell you all one thing that you may find interesting. One of the reasons that some senior members are not in the Secret Society is because during the "vote", we always discuss the problem "If we let this member in who is a very outspoken person and always speaks their mind, how can we know what users really think or feel". The Secret Society is not about being a "kiss ass" to SharePro. One of the only ways somebody can be considered is if they have a mind of their own. I dont need or desire a personal forum for "ass kissers". I only want objective thought.

    The Secret Society is a think tank democracy. Votes are taken on all important issues. Immediately after I began the Secret Society, I made it clear to all original members that they not only have secret "mod status", but also are the ones who vote in additional members. No member gets to the Secret Society without a democratical vote between the members. So please dont PM me about getting in because I am only good for one vote which is hardly enough to get you in.

    You should all be happy that there is a community of people who really want to share and provide and dont require a pat on the back or their names plastered everywhere. We leave that shit up to the likes of Random Nut and J. Ashton who feel a need to get their names on every p2p forum.

    So while Kab&#39;s mission was to fuck up a good thing for the P2P community, I will make it clear to him and you guys. The Secret Society will always be there for you guys to help and provide, whether you know it or not. I have never lied publicly about the Secret Society, I simply never commented on it. Neither has anybody else.

    Almost all forums have a society of their own. Fact is, in most cases a Secret Society is what makes and breaks a forum. Again, we are against dirty methods and by getting rid of people with multiple accounts used to manipulate p2pr&#39;s, that just shows how serious we are about clean p2p.

    Only a person who has low self esteem and no credibility uses multiple accounts to manipulate p2prs. Most of the people who have multiple accounts are paranoid. That is why kAb has multiple accounts, and that is why Redeemer had them. Its not enough to simply make a post using their real name to establish interest so they are "control freaks" who use multiple accounts to control the conversation. They do this so that if somebody offers an objective opinion, they get flamed by the 2nd or 3rd account.

    Kab will blow off cause his one day in "glory" is finished. There are no "conpiracys" in the Secret Society against P2P, its all about giving you guys the best.

    For all those who have registered at ES5 forums (and haven&#39;t been banned ), the /index.php?act=ST&f=27&t=16747&hl=]SOURCE

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    ban for kab &#33;&#33; or atleast moderation & why should REALITY gloat

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    Most forums have "secret forums". These are generally just for moderation and chat between moderators and admins and are often hidden from the normal members and can only be accessed by mods and admins. Given that ES5 is a comercial organisation (it has financial backing and has placed ads on sites like Zeropaid) it doesn&#39;t supirse me that much that they perform "underhand" tactics such as sniffing out competetion and gathering info on them (although its not a good thing its going on in the P2P community).

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    Anybody notice less than usual CAPS in that story?
    I did...

    This is umpteen time Sharepro has tried to turn around allegations, when in fact this whole sh&#036;7 throwing didn&#39;t even began before ES5 showed up with their aggresive tactics.

    &#39;nuff said
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    How far can we trust this infomation provided by sharepro?
    kAb&#39;s been here a long time I would&#39;nt like to see him get attacked on the basis of 3rd party infomation that could be another SP BS trip&#33;

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    I see no reason whatsoever why we should attack or even ban kAb.
    However, I do understand some recent actions from him now...
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    To be honest, I didn&#39;t believe it the first time I read it - This was SharePro after all However, with recent events happening at ES5 quite a lot of pieces fitted together. Which means that either it was a case of &#39;if you tell a lie big enough and long enough, then it&#39;d be considered as truth&#39;, or the rare case that SP was admitting for once the truth.

    Either way, I thought it&#39;d be worth mentioning - If it&#39;s true, then it&#39;s common knowledge and no-one is under false pretenses. If it&#39;s false, then it&#39;s proven false by discussion and there&#39;s another point against SharePro.

    What I didn&#39;t quote though was my response to that paragraph later in the topic, basically criticising ES5 and the "secret society" (I admit, as well as kAb). I may post it later. Either way, I&#39;m seriously questioning whether it&#39;s worth my presence at ES5 forums any more.

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    I&#39;m very curious to that post and subsequent reactions Illuminati&#33;
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    Originally posted by muchspl2@4 February 2004 - 17:18
    ban for kab &#33;&#33; or atleast moderation & why should REALITY gloat
    what KAb did on that forum is not really our business, if he did something wrong there, we don&#39;t punish him here, that would be stupid&#33;

    havent read all of the post will do that now.


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    Kab admits being a part of this secret society on the forums. So no reason to doubt Sharepro. I never trusted kab anyway. He claims that he was a secret mod in one of yesterdays threads on es5 forums until he was booted out by Sharepro. I think this is worth investigating by the mods or anybody who is friends with es5 cause if this is for real, then it means that there are moles everywhere. I wonder what info they&#39;ve got on k++ and what kab knew or told them. One thing about es5 is that everybody seems to know very little about how they have grown so popular and only a couple of there members belong to this secret force which is probably the secret to how they got such a large forum and so popular. I stopped blaming sp for every stupid thing that happens a while ago cause its obvious that hes got alot of inside help. Nobody can do what he does without help.

    Fact is, behind the scenes, I am in contact with the forum mods of all major p2p forums. While publicly, we rip the shit out of eachother, privately we work together to keep the spammers away. SlyckTom is a simple example and will tell you that ES5 does cooperate with him to keep the spam off of his board.
    Somebody ought to contact slyck and find out if this is true. I&#39;d be flabergasted if this was true that es5 helps prevent spammers. If this is true, then it will change what I think about es5. I like es5 but I dont entirely trust them. Anyway, this is a good way to find out what the fuck is going on. We may all have been played for a fool including k+ and es5 admins

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