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Thread: What The F*ck Is .bin

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    does eneywone can explane me what is bin and how doe it work i got fifa 2003 i dont now how to play it ???????
    please help me

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    Calm down the language now. A .bin is sort of like an .iso Check out Dave's guide to burning in my Signature. I wish I could explain it better but need to eat dinner right now

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    While Shinigami is dining I'll try to explain it better!

    A .bin file is a CD image. That means that a whole CD was copied into just one big file.
    A file type similar to .bin is .iso.
    These files are meant to be burned onto CDs in order to get an exact copy of the CD from where the .bin or the .iso file was created (some CDs have copy protections and the image burning won't be enough, so you'll be given a crack too, to run the game or application).
    You'll need the .cue files to burn the .bin files, but don't worry if you don't have them. You can also burn them without the cues.
    If you're going to burn a .bin file make sure both the .bin and the .cue are in the same directory.
    I recommend using Nero to burn the CD images.
    First of all, use CDmage and check the image file for errors.

    Then open up Nero.
    Go to 'File' > 'Burn Image...'
    Choose the .cue file that corresponds to the .bin file you want to burn, and click on 'Open'.
    Choose the burning options and burn the CD.

    If you don't have the .cue files, go to 'File' > 'Burn Image', choose the .bin file (not the .cue) and click on 'Open'.
    A window will popup saying 'Foreign image settings'
    Make sure the 'Type of Image' is 'Data Mode 1' and the 'Raw data' box is checked.
    Click on 'OK', choose the burning options and burn the CD.

    If you don't want to burn the files you can always use virtual drives to emulate a CD drive (Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% are the best), mount the image files, install the game and run it. All of this from your hard drive.

    Damn... I'm tired!

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    Wow Datamore,,,,,I was just about to surf and find out that Info myself.....Thanks.


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