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Thread: Fastest Time You Ever D/l A Movie?

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    The fastest I ever experienced: Practical Magic came in a whopping 37 minutes, and it was over 700mb. I was shocked. I'm also on a University LAN, and we just had a new firewall installed, and ever since I've been having amazingly fast downloads.

    The longest I ever waited was about three days, for Ghost World. It was screwed up, too, ugh.

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    Originally posted by starship1st@4 March 2003 - 23:50
    "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN" took about 90 minutes for 2 CDs it was screaming; my download was averaging about 70kbs. WoW!
    That's not possible at 70KB/s - that only ends up being 378,000KB - the two CD version was over 1.3GB...unless it was a cam version.

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    Good Thnking NikkiD

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    I think I'm about to take back what I just said - I have had Cruel Intentions coming in at 530 kb/s average for the last 15 minutes. At the moment it's at 630 kb/s. I think I'm going to be miserable at home on a dialup this summer!

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