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Thread: Dvd Copying Software

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    which program is best to use for dvd burning??
    any ideas :helpsmile:

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    Nero for burning, but for copying, I just did a reply to a post about the same question HERE

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    DVD X Copy is the best and you in luck as
    for you i have it.

    DVD X Copy Platinum v3.2.1

    FileVD X Copy Platinum v3.2.1 + Crack (100% WORKING &#33;&#33;&
    Length:10272489 Bytes, 10031KB

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    DVD Wizard Pro (havent tried it but you are supposed to be able to copy games)
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    I have been struggling for three days with that crack and cant seem to get it to work I have tried everything from online, to phone call, to changing the year of my system. I have winXP pro dvd x 3.2.1 platinum and I am using the AGAIN crack with no luck any help would be great.

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    READ the Readme or this
    How to make dvdxcopy platinum crack work


    1. Make sure you are on WinXP
    2. Uninstall all 321 products, and manually delete all leftover files
    3. Install Platinum version 3.2.1
    4. Extract the crack archive to some folder on your desktop.
    5. Goto to "Platinum fix" folder and then
    You should see 3 files: Loader.exe, Loader.exe2 & Setup.bat
    6. Copy these 3 files & paste them into your Platinum directory by default
    C:&#092;Program Files&#092;321Studios&#092;Platinum
    7. Run Setup.bat
    8. Run Platinum.exe


    1. Goto to "Rescue Fix" folder and then
    You should see 2 files: cryptnet.dll & tapi32.dll
    2. Copy these 2 files & paste them into DVD X Rescue directory by default
    C:&#092;Program Files&#092;321Studios&#092;DVD X Rescue.


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    i have a dvd rom/cd drive and a cd burner drive. if i get dvd x copy is that all i need to copy dvds?

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    YES&#33;&#33; ok so i can copy dvds to my comp and convert to SVCD with tmpcgenc. the problem is i dont have a dvd burner and its to big to fit on a 700 MB cd. is there a app that cuts movies in as many discs it takes to burn the whole movie to a disk?

    NOTE: i tried easyviedo splitetbut and cracked but it kept crashing when i clicked split.

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