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Thread: Game Recommendations

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    My brother likes games like "Mob Rule" it's a sim game, pretty simple. He says he wants games like that, not to complicated but not to easy. He says "I don't want a game that I have to tell them to piss." and he wants them like warcraft


    C&C Generals/Zero Hr.
    The Sims (he hates them)
    Warcraft III

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    Try Age of Mythology or Age of Empires 2 w/Expansion (Age of Kings I think)
    Both very simplistic games, but also quite entertaining
    How old is he?
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    tried both of em

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    dope wars

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    Originally posted by neevakee@4 February 2004 - 19:44
    dope wars
    his not a pothead

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    lol try MAFIA

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    Originally posted by neevakee@5 February 2004 - 00:44
    dope wars
    That&#39;s a great game. B) Abit too easy though.

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    dope wars is madd fun but i think he wants a game w/ some visuals, tell him 2 try civilization(i dont like it but its in that catagory) caeser2/3 is good or rise of nations

    has he tried wc3 online? makes the game 10x better, i play it all the time, but i wish wc2 was still big, i think its better, tell him 2 try that 2


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