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Thread: Reading Dvds

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    I am having a problem reading certain DVDs with the DVDXCopy Xpress using the Toshiba DVD writer SD-R5002.
    Only about half of the DVDs I put in there can be read with the DVDXCopy Xpress. The other half gives me an error at 99% reading.

    I downloaded the firmware, but a message came up saying "CD-Drive firmware is NOT need to update firmware."
    It seems like english, but I'm not sure what that means.

    My friends run DVDXCopy Xpress, and have no problems reading any DVD they put in their drive to back up.
    What is wrong with my drive?

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    I dont know whats wrong with your drive and unless anybody else has the same drive as you I doubt they could do any better in regard to advice.

    Your better off contacting your manufacturer "first" because they are the ones that can give you a refund on a peice of shit drive like that....................not anyone here.

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    It could be a software issue instead of the drive. Check this software blacklist for possible conflicts.

    I solved my problems with dvd x copy by switching to DvdShrink.


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    Cool I tried disabling my NAV, and all background programs. It didn't work.
    I've tried using clone DVD, and DVD decrypter, but they don't seem to shrink the DVD9 movie to a DVD5 blank.
    That DVD Shrink sounds cool.
    I'm going to DL it.

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    DvdShrink is great at ripping and shrinking, but it does not burn. You can burn the output with nero. I don't use nero so I use autoshrink iso with dvdshrink and dvd decrypter.

    Start autoshrink and check that the path to dvdshrink and dvd decrypter are correct. Load the dvd so autoshrink will see it. Now when you click start in autoshrink it will start up dvdshrink for you. Once you set dvdshrink to run, autoshrink will convert the output to iso and start up dvd decrypter to burn it for you.

    All three programs are free and, unlike dvd x copy, no watermark.


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    It worked!!!!
    DVD Shrink is bad ass!
    I shall tell all my friends about it.

    I DLd the latest version of DVD Shrink from that site.
    I inserted my DVD movie.
    Then I clicked the Open Disk button to open the disk.
    Then I clicked the Full Disk button to burn the entire disk.
    Then I clicked the Backup button to begin the process.

    (It asked me to specify a folder for temp files.
    I wasn't sure what that meant, so I created a folder, and specified it.
    At the end of the entire process, they mentioned that the files are still there.
    Do I have to delete these files manually in order to burn my next movie?)

    When the burn process began, it took about an hour to read the DVD movie.
    After, it opened, and asked me to insert a blank.
    I inserted the blank DVD, and it began the writing process.
    It worked!
    The only thing I'm confused about is weather or not I have to delete the files that are already in there.

    "DvdShrink is great at ripping and shrinking, but it does not burn."
    It was able to burn.
    I did notice when I was looking through the menus, it said burn with Nero.
    I'm not sure what it meant. I do have Nero though.
    I don't really understand how it worked, but I'm glad it did.

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    and the great thing about dvd shrink its that its free

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    Glad it worked for you. No, DvdShrink doesn't burn, but it uses nero to burn if you have it installed.

    I have nero, but haven't got around to installing it. That's why I use autoshrinkiso and dvd decrypter to burn.

    I hope you didn't "buy" dvd x copy, I uninstalled platinum and never went back.


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    No I didn't buy DVD X Copy, but I have a friend that for some reason couldn't find it to download anywhere last year so he actually purchased it.
    The DVD Shrink program is way better than DVD X Copy software.


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