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Thread: Ps2 Hdd

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    I have a ps2 w/o and mods. Gameshark Ver 3. And an 80 gig Hitachi hdd plugged into my NA in the back of my ps2. I am trying to format the hdd so the ps2 will use it but i cant get the application to load on my ps2 (no mod chip). Shouldnt I be able to get the ps2 to read the disc with the knife trick or swap method?

    Whenever I load up my Gamesharkthen do the knife trick it tells me that it cant read the disc. I was thinking about leaving the cover off the swap discs when i boot up my GS, but i dont think it will work either.

    Do any of you know if it could be that i just dont have the right formatting tool or that i just burned it wrong?
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    ps2 isnt a computer, i doubt a hdd will work, unless you find some ghetto way

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    No, the ps2 has a bay in the back that when you pull out you can put a Network Adapter into. The NA has plugs in it that are for a Sony HDD ( it says HDD on the insinde of the NA). But the Sony HDD isnt supposed to come out til March, it comes with FF11 free for $100 us. I already have a hdd i can use and it fits in there, but i cant get the disc that is supposed to format it to fun. There are lots of people out there that use the ps2 to browse the internet and stuff. Most of them have mod chips though.

    EDIT: Doesnt come out til March in the US
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    I had found a link somewhere on the net that showed you exactly how to hook up a regular harddrive and it had a utility to format it correctly. Though, I have no clue what the site is

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    wait for the actually Ps2 HDD not some PC HDD that wont be compatible with Ps2 games that will use the Ps2 HDD. its gonna come out in March.

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    Theres a HDD out for the PS2 already...It costs $US 500.00(keyboard,mouse,software etc) and it runs Linux

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    I think you are thinking of the Linux kit that runs for 200. There are acouple of sites that have info for using your own hdd. 1 is

    I dont feel like waitin another month, prob longer if the kick the date back. Plus i dont wanna dish out an extra 100 bucks. Im just gonna get a mod chip and boot up the format tool with that for 20 us.
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