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Thread: Problem With Games And Other Programs

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    Okay here are my difficulties,
    I am somewhat new to downloading application files , so recently, I tried to download some pc games. After successfully downloading them, I found that the game came in .exe format. I double clicked on this to install it, but a window came up for about 2 secs and then disappeared. The game did not come with any instructions to be changed to a .zip file as I have read in the other forum postings. So how do I know what to rename to if at all? please advise


    Could someone tell me how I can copy a game I burnt to a cdr. Some of the games I have come in zip format. Does this mean that I unzip them, and then burn the contents onto a cdr or is there some other way to go about this. When I burn them, will they be exact copies of the original?

    Hope I haven't broken any forumn rules with my questions

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    I'm betting that the exe file is really a .iso file or something. Try changing the .exe to a .iso and opening it with IsoBuster or WinIso, extract it, or burn it on a cd.

    To burn them, all you need is a CD Burning program. Nero is quite popular. In Nero, you can just go to File, Burn Image, and then find the .iso file.

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    You don't need to burn it - you can mount it like a drive with daemon tools:

    daemon tools

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    Nope, no rules broken, but I'm going to move this to gamesworld, you'll probably get a better response there for info about burning games etc.

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    you might not have to rename it at all. if you have winzip/winrar installed, just right-click the file, and go to Extract Files. then select a destination and away you go!

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    I am on Carbert on this one

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    Usually, with exe's, if using WinZip dosen't work, then U have to guess the real file extension...usually a .iso, .bin, .rar..... And about the burning...U can burn the zip file directly on to the CD, but you'll have to unzip it from the CD afterwards to use it...or U can unzip the files to your HD, then burn them on to a CD, but most files that are .exe r not the exact copy of the original cd, if U want an exact copy, gei a cd image...usually .iso or .bin files

    hope that was not too confusing.. B)

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    Thanks The One,
    I did tyr changing the exe to iso, and ended up with a useless file. I guess I am going to stick to the iso and bin files from now, coz the exes are too untidy.


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