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Thread: Peer Guardian Question

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    I installed peer guardian and updated it. Is this all I need to do to get it working? I read something about importing lists to other programs (ZoneAlarm Pro, eMule, etc.) Do I need to do this or is simply running peer guardian alone enough?

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    Yes peerguardian is all you need. However it is possiable to integrate it in your firewall as it saves your CPU and memory usage.

    Seen as this is the bittorrent section, try using azureus, it has an IP filter.

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    i'm guessing you can't integrate it with xp firewall. but if so, please share =). also, make sure to update the block list at least once a week as anti-pirates are always after us gr.

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    Nope no way to easily integrate it with the XP firewall.

    As far as I know only Sygate and Tiny have an easy-to-use import system.
    Although there are some converters out there, that convert text-files to block-lists for specific firewalls.
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