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    Hey guys,

    Long time reader 1st time poster.

    Can't remember seeing this little tip, but I'm sure its popped up a few times.

    Ever been downloading some huge 700mb file (ssshh i'm on 56k and it takes ages) and then accidently canceled the download and you've lost it all? Happened to me a few times, but there is a way to backup your download so if you do cancel you just resort to the backup, you might lose some but not as much without a backup.

    Its really easy, just make a new folder somewhere, call it something useful like download backups. Then copy your download, plus all the contents of the folder /kazaa lite/db/ into that new folder.

    If you accidently cancel, just copy everything from that new backup folder to their proper place and your download is saved.

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    Usefull as that may be..I find it simply more effective not to cancel downloads B) ....and why do U need the files from /kazaa lite/db/ ?? Simply puting the patially downloaded .dat file back into your download folder shuld make kazaa resume downloading it

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    Ahh things happen though, I've accidently canceled a 700mb file. I've had files which have dissappeared.

    The db folder is the database folder, which stores which files are too be downloaded. It also stores information about your "account". I've tried putting a .dat file in there to download without updating the db folder and it didn't come up. It works everytime with updating the db folder. My mate and I went halves in downloading a file which was 2 cds. We took a cd each, he has given up on his cd cause its taking too long. I took over it from where he left off when he gave me the dat file and the db folder.

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    In a way, I think there should be a built in download backup where your asked if you would like to back up this download every 5 mins or whatever.

    Also it could have options like:

    only ask for: Mpeg exe jpeg etc.


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