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Thread: I Want To Talk To Admin Of Irc Channel

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    OK here si why. I was chatting there and then i was banned. OK i explain the whole story. I was chattin as ususall and i said nothin improċer or anything all i did was paste a bit of a song text with alice cooper _ .. Ok if i had been rude to some1 or anything but all i have been doing when i ahve been there is to help people... I think it is soo lame actually that u get banned fer doing somethin like that. Thats all i am a member of some cgannels and this has never happened to me before. I am a kind person ok sometimes i say some bad thing like the rest of us but i am not insulring anyone..And if we dont are accepted to paste in song lyrics IT SHOULD SAY SO... And please un ban me... I think this sux. I respect that u dont want peeps in there sayin certain stuff but anyway....hmmmm.. I didnt..and i didnt spread links or anythin like that either so i dont get the point banning me.. Please reply... Thanx in advance :helpsmile:
    ...I think just it is redicouluse if someone getting a perm ban fer that thing LMAO....That is the most lame i have ever heard LOL ......thhhhhsssscccch.....i well i am other hood board channels so i don worry, but it was nice toi help peeps out though .....take care, i don think u will see me again...

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    sure you were "banned" or just kicked because of flood control
    if you post more than a few lines in a short time, most channels have it set to kick you
    just try to go back now

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    Yes i got banned..

    It saif this adrees (+ B)

    And i am moderator on other things so i know how the roules shall be fallen

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    The chat channel is nothing to do with the board, so i'll move this to the lounge.

    If you PM me with the details please, i'll sort it.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    LMAO this is only gettin better and better LMAO.. Ok i tried to pm ya m8. But it said i could or something like i dont have permission to do it ROFLMAO... aaah well
    my e-mail and msn are

    ROFLMAO this is the most wicked thing i have ever been aware off OMG thanx fer u trying to help though

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    I can see why you're having trouble with the PM system - A member of this forum must have at least six posts before they can use the PM system.

    Seeing as you're oh so helpful, getting the other three you need shouldn't be a problem

    Hope that helps


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