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Thread: Divx And Media Player Classic

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    I did a search for +divx +"media player classic" and found no results, so I'm starting a new thread.

    I installed the 2.4rc6 Full codec pack last night. I kind of like the Media Player Classic but it crashes (no error displayed) every time I try to load any DivX 4 or 5 video. It has successfully played MPEG-1, Indeo 3.2, QuickTime and RealMedia, but not DivX. ZoomPlayer plays all the DivX videos just fine. Any ideas?

    MP Classic is v
    ZPlayer is v2.90

    The only installed DivX codec is the one from this codec pack. I uninstalled the "regular" DivX 5.1.1 coded before installing.

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    Use BS Player or Videolan.

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    Best is to seek help on the Media Player Classic development forum:


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