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    I am being attacked frequently (as per Norton) and I was wondering if there was any IP look up apps? It sure would be nice if I knew who the wonderful A**holes are that are trying to attack me so I can return the favor. Is there A Way?

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    I use Commview
    which you can get at

    also dwnload the SmartWhoIs program (same page)

    Use Smartwhois and typre in IP number and it will find it
    or Commview to see who ips of everything going thru your machine.

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    Hello,the best site i have found for IP locating is HERE.

    If you want a program to do this for you i can highly recommend Visualroute.You can get that HERE,and a crack for ir can be found HERE....hope that helps

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    Thank you very much you all have been very helpful.


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