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Thread: Kill Bill

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    I have downloaded the verified avi movie (716896KB) of Kill Bill (Dice). When i watch the film the picture jumps from one frame to the next. What seems to be the problem? I have the codec from kazaa. Even the avi-preview has a jumpy picture. Any ideas??? :helpsmile:

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    Yeah sometimes well..... to me it sounds like a codec clash

    is that the DVD rip copy??

    coz thats the one I got and it was fine

    bets thing to do is uninstall all your codecs and install each one back troubleshooting the problem

    one problem that pisses me off is WMP 9 you are forced to use MS codecs and guess what you can't install it!! i had to format my drive once

    all it might be the case bad frames in the avi

    but if its that DIVX DVD rip I got then I don't see it as a problem

    one way to make sure its not the movie is to get video lan and play it in that if it f*cks up in that you know the avi is f*cked

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    Thanks for the answer. I will try it out. I have got a lot of different codecs downloaded on my drive. It is the DivX DVD copy.......

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    just try it in videolan befor you do anything harsh
    I find it play 99.99999819% of everything

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    I had to get the Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.6 to play mine but only installed the newer xvid codec.


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