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Thread: Codec Compressors For Trimming/splitting

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    Hi ya all. I'm looking to trim/split some video files using FX splitter and trimer and i wondered if any1 could offer any advise on the best codecs to use for compressing the file without ruining the quality, both sound and image wize. Cheers

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    This is one of those questions that has infinite answers. Obviously the best quality comes from uncompressed video, but you also get much larger files out of it.

    What codec/format are the files right now?

    Is your goal to shrink the files to a smaller size?

    Do you need the files to be compatible with a video player (like a DVD/DivX/MPEG-4 player)?

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    xvid/divx or kvcd
    depend if you want to watch it on your stand alone dvd player and tv

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    i've got limited storage on my computer so i frequently burn data onto disk. Most of my video files r just over the limit though so i'm looking to make them smaller. In the end when i want 2 watch them again it'll be on my computer using a player like zoom or vlc so i'm looking for the best combination of image and sound compression to later view on one of these players.... though i do have many more which i use

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    Well then I have to second the DivX recommendation. And as to the audio codec, I like mp3 (if your encoding software allows higher than 56Kbps mp3) or Ogg Vorbis. They offer good sound quality with great compression.

    When I convert files from one format (say ASF or WMV) to something useful (DivX), depending on the quality of the source file, I either do 256, 384 or 512Kbps bitrate in the DivX conversion. Sometimes the file size goes up just a bit, but the videos are easier to play in multiple players/OSes here and also easier to seek through (WMV does not seek well at all even in Microsoft's own player). Now when I combine the DivX with say 96Kbps mp3 or Ogg Vorbis audio compression, the file size usually does go down slightly and there's no noticeable drop in quality.

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    wkd, cheers I'll give it a go, hopefully the end results will be good

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    When your movies are just over 700 MB, you can also just cut of the credits of the movie. That usually saves a couple of MBs.

    Use VirtualDub for that.


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