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Thread: Compatibility Of Game Cds

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    as a newbie who recently got into downloading game .bins and isos, i'm wondering if game cds can be compatible with each other.

    i mean like for example Simcity.Deviance.CD1.bin can be compatible with a non deviance Sim4.CD2.bin. They are both game images of the cds, so wouldn't they be fine?

    i tried installing simcity 4 using a random Simcity 4 cd1 burned cd and another different simcity 4 cd 2 burned cd; it didn't work.

    Then i tried installing neverwinter nights with all of the deviance cd images and it worked fine.

    my question is, do i need to have all types of cds the same like Simcity.Deviance.CD1.bin and Simcity.Deviance.CD2.bin?

    or can the cds be mixed?

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    they all the same, hehe, they all the same

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    actually kliteusaa, the title doesn't have to be the same. But they must be ripped by one group. If u downloaded a disk 1 from that group u MUST download the other disk from the same group or in most cases it will not work. cuz some groups rip only this part, and other groups rip different stuff so the final result might be different. hope that helps

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    thanks for the response guys, it saved me hours of burning useless cds. anyways i think it is true cause all deivance neverwinter nights works for me. i downloaded it like 10 times from different groups.


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