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    hi, right okay where do i start, i have the full k-lite codec pack, the divx 2.5.2 media player and videolan. i have downloaded 2 movies from BT which are avi files. (the recruit and ghostship). unfortunatey i am having problems playing these movies, if i play 'the recruit' in videolan, it plays the movie just fine but there is no audio, and if i play this same movie in the BS player or Divx, it plays the movie in slow motion and the sound runs faster. now, about 'ghostship', whichever player i use the sound runs faster than the movie itself. so i put both of these movies through G-spot and that says everything is fine (but i dont think so). i have uninstalled videolan and re-installed it but still no luck. i have shut down all unecessary programs but still no luck. so first of all any possible solutions, and secondly would it be possible for me to run these files through winmpg to reconvert or re-write the data to an avi file, if this is possible would it make any difference? :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    Before you try re-encoding the file (which will probably degrade the quaility) try it in Windows Media Player. It could download codecs off a microsoft server and make the movie play right. It's a long shot, but an easy thing to try.
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